August 02, 2013

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RANT! You're Failures! 8/2/13

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You're Failures!

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This is Alex Jones' Infowars Unleashed. Behind the scenes rants and commentary. Go on a journey inside the Infowar

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    On the Thursday, August 1 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex analyzes the letter to Obama penned by Snowden's father's legal counsel, comparing his administration's persecution of the NSA whistleblower to the war crimes addressed during the Nuremberg trials, claiming civil disobedience is necessary to obviate unjust laws or practices. Alex also breaks down the heckling of NSA head General Keith Alexander at a security conference in Las Vegas Wednesday as he faced an upset, privacy and liberty-minded audience. On today's show, Alex welcomes World Net Daily CEO, editor and columnist Joseph Farah to discuss Obama's ramped up surveillance state in the face of public and congressional criticism, as well as fallout from the George Zimmerman verdict and the possible contention of conservative libertarian Rand Paul for the GOP's nomination. Alex will also take your calls during this live, worldwide broadcast. - Watch now

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