December 12, 2013

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Wednesday: The Infowars Nightly News. Russia Warns America ‘We Will Respond With Nukes’ Plus, Cop Who Killed 13-Year-Old Boy Armed With Plastic BB Gun Back on Duty.

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On The December 11, 2013 Broadcast Of The Infowars Nightly News, Jakari Jackson Hosts With Special Guest Jessie James. News Covered: Russia Warns America ‘We Will Respond With Nukes’ Cop Who Killed 13-Year-Old Boy Armed With Plastic BB Gun Back on Duty. Student told to stop resisting arrest 56 times before fatal shooting, police say. Man Handcuffed At Walmart After Attempting to Price Match. Lawmakers Push for Billions to Pay for Questionable Missile Defense System. Obama Approval Hits New All Time Lows. Obama Mandela Speech Cost $500,000 Per Minute. Fake 'signer' at Mandela memorial outrages deaf. More Misleading Official Employment Statistics. Six-year-old boy accused of sexual harassment for kissing girl.

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