February 04, 2014

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Monday: The Nightly News. Epic Fails Of The Super Bowl Police State. Media Infiltration With Super Bowl Truther Matthew Mills.

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Epic Fails of Super Bowl Police State

Law enforcement agencies ramp up security measures in preparation for Super Bowl
CBS accidentally broadcasts Super Bowl security’s Wi-Fi password on national TV
Super Bowl Hijack Proves Government Cannot Protect You
Super Bowl Sunday Showed Us There is No Al-Qaeda Threat
Unconfirmed reports of explosion in New York – gas leak said to be the cause
Stop Resisting Execution: Cold-Blooded Arizona Cops Assassinate Suspect with His Hands in the Air
How Many People are Killed by Police in U.S.? Who Knows?
Super Bowl Security’s WiFi password broadcast, people let into Super Bowl without tickets — the police state looks like Keystone Cops. But the Police State is no laughing matter. Cops are increasing the violence against the public, without justification and without consequences.

Press Not Interested That Winning Coach Has 9/11 Questions
Is Pete Carroll A 9/11 Truther?
Decadence: Seahawks Fans Run Riot After Super Bowl Victory
It was not widely reported that Super Bowl winning Seattle Seahawks’ Head Coach Pete Carroll had a lot of questions about 9/11 for the former Vice Chief of Staff of the Army when they met 6 months ago. And a thoughtful examination of the origins of the militarized security state was the furtherest thing from the minds of rioting fans in Seattle.

See the Super Bowl FREE!

Want to see the Super Bowl live, in-person, but can’t afford the steep price for tickets? No problem. The police state is so busy trying to impress you with its K-9’s and F-16’s that they don’t even check to see if you have a ticket.

Super Bowl Bombed by Lone Informer
Interview with Matthew Mills

Desc: With all the millions spent on Super Bowl security, one lone wolf journalist without even a ticket takes the mic away from the MVP and gives the public an info-bomb. How did he do it? What does it tell us about security? With the scam exposed, will people be interested in examining the roots of this charade in 9/11?

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