April 04, 2014

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Thursday: The Infowars Nightly News. Army Admits Ft. Hood Shooter Given Psychiatric Drugs. Plus, Fort Hood Shooting: Time to Disarm the Entire U.S. Military?

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On The April 3, 2014 Broadcast Of The Infowars Nightly News. David Knight Hosts & We Interview Artist Pazero On The Power of Activism Through Art. News Covered: Army Admits Ft. Hood Shooter Given Psychiatric Drugs. Fort Hood Shooting: Time to Disarm the Entire U.S. Military? The ‘forgotten’ lobotomies on World War II vets. President's Budget Would Double Funding for BRAIN Initiative. Texas man testing open-carry law told he’s ‘free to go’ – then tasered and arrested. More Evidence U.S. Funds al-Qaeda Terrorists in Syria. Americans: Disengaged, feeling less respected, but still see U.S. as world’s military superpower. Obamacare Enforcement Like Snow Removal, IRS Chief Says. 9 Of The Top 10 Occupations In America Pay An Average Wage Of Less Than $35,000 A Year. More People Claiming They’ve Been Targeted For Their Colorado Plates. Ministry Of Truth: Crackdown Ordered On Climate Change Skeptics. American Constitutional History Professor: Crimea’s Secession from Ukraine is VALID. Italy Troops Crack Down on Secessionists Nationwide.

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