May 28, 2014

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Tuesday: The Infowars Nightly News. As The Masses Awaken, Bilderbergers Back Into The Corner They Made.

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Bilderberg Agenda Revealed! Elite Desperate to Rescue Unipolar World. Anti-EU revolution, Ukraine crisis threaten to derail global government. How Bilderberg Made Obama.Both Barack Obama and John McCain attended the Bilderberg conference prior to the 2008 presidential election.
Greenwald to Release Names of Americans Being Spied on by NSA. Glenn Greenwald, who helped Edward Snowden leak sensitive documents about the National Security Agency spying on its citizens, says he’s set to publish his most dramatic piece yet, which will reveal those in the USA who were targeted by the NSA. Hacker Walks After FBI Cooperation. Hector Xavier Monsegur, who by the US government’s calculations participated in computer hacker attacks on more than 250 public and private entities at a cost of up to $50m in damages, was released from a Manhattan courtroom on Tuesday after the judge saluted his “extraordinary cooperation” with the FBI. Gun Control Push on Heels of Mass Murder. Never let a crisis go to waste; gun control advocates, feminists, racists use mass murder to push agenda.

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