September 27, 2014

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Friday: The Nightly News. Homeland Security Is Now The Green Police. Plus, ISIS Copycat In Oklahoma.

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On The September 26,2014 Broadcast Of The Infowars Nightly News, ISIS Copycat Strikes Oklahoma.
Beheading in Oklahoma.NYC officials scrambling to reassure city after IS threat.fbi pentagon not sure of "imminent threat".Nusra mulls rejoining ISIS after US strikes.FLASHBACK: ISIS and nusra merge.Homeland Security is Now "Green Police".Military to allow undocumented immigrants to serve.Homeland Security turns to policing climate.Africans Claim U.S. Created Ebola Crisis.Liberia's Largest Newspaper Accuses USA of Manufacturing Ebola Virus. Illuminati Takes Over The Cartoon Network.

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    On the Friday, September 26 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex wraps up the week reflecting on the geopolitical ramifications of Obama's unconstitutional war on Al Qaeda, now called IS, ISIS, or ISIL, and the US military's move to allow illegal immigrants to serve. Jones continues dissecting exiting US Attorney General Eric Holder's attacks on the Constitution, and exposes why the FBI has taken Apple and Google to the woodshed for introducing encryption on their devices. On today's show, Alex welcomes best-selling author and world-renowned philosopher Doug Casey to break down his libertarian perspective on the growing tensions between the US and Russia over Ukraine, the trend of nations asserting their independence and how he thinks the government is clamping down on our financial freedoms. - Watch now

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