November 05, 2014

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You Didn't Build That 2.0.

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What community should own your kids? Your block, neighborhood, town, city, nation? People you know? People you don’t know and never will? A coalition? Perhaps…the government? Ah yes, that would would be it, wouldn’t it?

Because, as any good collectivist knows, the government is the ultimate “expression” of the people. The government creates, manages, and sustains the collective. The government decides, the people comply. The government knows best.- Jon Rappoport.

It was American Author and Presidential Advisor Booker T Washington that once said “ Nothing ever comes to one, that is worth having, except as a result of hard work.”

If its one thing Americans know….its hard work.

We are a nation of inventors, innovators, and dreamers unlike the world has ever seen.

The following is a reminder of what our corporatized and collectivized governmental goliath would have snuffed out. That individual spark that runs through all of humanity is what the United States has cultivated from the very beginning. And its been your gift as a citizen of the grand experiment known as the United States all along.

Take Your Freedom Back!

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