February 11, 2015

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Tuesday: The Infowars Nightly News. Feminist Aborts Baby Because He Was Male.

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On the February 10, 2015 broadcast of The Infowars Nightly News, feminist aborts baby because he was male. NET NEUTRALITY IS NOT NEUTRAL. Media blackout: vaccines cause autism. Russia warns arming Ukraine act of war. Analyst: America hell-bent on war

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  • Date: 02/10/2015

    On this Tuesday, February 10 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex covers the continuing fall out over the lies of the corporate media as NCB anchor Brian Williams is offered as a sacrificial lamb and the establishment attempts to repair the damage inflicted on its flagging credibility. Alex looks at the demand by a U.S. senator that the Federal Reserve bail out Greece and the prospect the situation in Ukraine will result in all-out war if the U.S. arms the Kiev regime and diplomacy fails. On today’s worldwide broadcast, Alex talks with financial newsletter writer Harry Dent about the crumbling global economy. Mr. Dent is the author of a number of books, most recently The Demographic Cliff: How to Survive and Prosper During the Great Deflation of 2014-2019. - Watch now

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    As the immigration debate rages on in Washington, one coming scandal is being overlooked; what work will Americans do for work with so much competition? The official unemployment rate is proven to be a big lie, and automation will soon replace even more U.S. jos, yet nobody has any solutions. - Watch now

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    Can a measles outbreak START with a twice vaccinated person? If a person develops measles from an MMR vaccine, can it be transmitted to others? The pharmaceutical industry, and the media it owns, pretend those aren’t possible and scapegoat the unvaccinated as the threat. But little known outbreaks tell us otherwise. Whistleblowers in the industry tell us that there is a deliberate effort to overstate the effectiveness of the vaccines, while the safety risks are downplayed. Are the pharmaceutical industry, the media and the government telling you the truth about risk percentages or are they only concerned about dollar profits? - Watch now