March 27, 2015

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Thursday: The Infowars Nightly News. Jade Helm: Troops to “Operate Undetected Amongst Civilian Population”

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On the March 26 edition of the Infowars Nightly News, military troops mobilize and prepare to descend on southwestern states for exercises that will involve operating “undetected amongst civilian population.” Also, a cop is caught on camera harassing a legal gun owner and confiscating his weapon, and Iraqi citizens say the US is behind ISIS. On the Thursday transmission, we also review a shocking video showing a car exploding after a border patrol agent tasers a driver inside, and get a Retro History Lesson from Andy Griffith.

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  • Date: 03/26/2015

    On this Thursday, March 26 edition of the Alex Jones Show, we look into how the domestic military drill Jade Helm will employ role players to practice infiltrating U.S. towns, how cops confiscated a firearm from a legal gun owner and how a Texas bill would force children to undergo mandatory mental health screenings, which may deny them their constitutional rights later in life. On today's show James Knox, a telecom insider with deep connections, goes into detail about the NSA revelations whistleblower William Binney brought up on the show last week. You don't want to miss this explosive broadcast! - Watch now

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    On the March 25, 2015 broadcast of The Infowars Nightly News, APPLE WANTS YOU TO GET ACCUSTOMED TO REAL-TIME TRACKING. Water Wars Loom Over California As Farmers Lose Thousands of Jobs: “Wrestling Match Over Who Gets the Water”. MONSANTO ASKS WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION TO ‘RETRACT’ CANCER LINK. Local 4 Defenders: Violent traffic stop in Inkster caught on camera. WISCONSIN OFFICER, BANK ROBBERY SUSPECT KILLED IN SHOOTOUT... - Watch now

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    On this Wednesday, March 25 edition of the Alex Jones Show, we continue our coverage of the ongoing attempt to acclimate the American people to the idea that it is perfectly normal to have a standing army in its midst. We also look at the absurdity of political correctness as it continues to normalize and make socially acceptable obesity, the effort to make trendy real-time GPS tracking and the move to control the news flow on Facebook, and a vote in the House to send lethal aid to Ukraine as tension increases between NATO and Russia. On today’s global transmission we talk with Sheriff Mack, the founder of Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association and who established the County Sheriff Project movement. Mack was a Libertarian candidate for United States Senate in Arizona in 2006 and received national attention for initiating Mack v. United States, a lawsuit stating that the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act violated the Constitution. - Watch now

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    On the Tuesday, March 24 edition of the Alex Jones Show, the war on cash intensifies as the Justice Department encourages banks to file “suspicious activity reports” on customers withdrawing $5,000 or more. Also, Army veteran Joe Biggs responds to fallout from Infowars' coverage of Operation Jade Helm, a joint military training exercise that will encompass seven states and utilize civilians. We'll also examine allegations by George Zimmerman that Obama is “pitting Americans against each other solely based on race.” We'll also continue breaking down the latest election news and take your calls during this worldwide broadcast. - Watch now