August 29, 2015

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Friday: The Infowars Nightly News. No Paychecks After Cashless Society Glitch

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On this Friday, August 28th Worldwide transmission of The Nightly News, the new call for a cashless society. Then the shocking behavior behind raising McDonald’s chickens. After that the scrabble is on to blame everyone except the murder, and Hillary gives her views on press freedom.

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    On this Thursday, August 27th edition of the Alex Jones Show, we take a look at the political fallout from the deadly attack in Virginia yesterday. Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump believes the problem is not guns and the Second Amendment, but rampant mental illness. Meanwhile, Obama declares guns worse than terrorism as Brit Piers Morgan once again goes on the war path against the 2nd. France and other European countries, faced with an unprecedented influx of illegal aliens, many refugees from the mercenary war in Syria, are preparing a military response to violent domestic disorder. On today’s broadcast we talk with former Clinton insider Larry Nichols Hillary tanks in the polls and Trump continues his ascendancy. - Watch now

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