December 01, 2015

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Monday: The Infowars Nightly News. Global Warming: Religion of Global Governance

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War on Warming — An Appeal to Authority

Climate “Science” has always relied more on appeals to authority than hard data and verifiable computer models. The Political Science of climate alarmists also appeals to authority — its authoritarian suppression of protestors who AGREE with man-made global warming and recrimination against the best known French meterologist who DISAGREES.
It’s not about the environment or science. It’s about global governance by the billionaires and the governments they control and using environmental panic as a mask.

DEA Girl: Happiest Mugshot in America

What, me worry? A college kid arrested for a large assortment and a large quantity of drugs, facing a maximum penalty of 215 years in prison and $30,000 fine, showed no concern in her mugshot that went viral and was labelled “the happiest mugshot in America”. Now we learn her father is highly ranked within the DEA. Jakari Jackson and David Knight look at the corruption brought by prohibition.

Destroying the Icon of Global Warming

Filmmaker JD King discusses his films exposing the real agenda behind government environmentalism (BLUE) and the reintroduction of wolves into Yellowstone (CRYING WOLF) and his new project that examines the truth about the icons of global warming — polar bears and polar ice caps.

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