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    Date: 03/13/2015

    We have all heard about the impending threat to our civil rights that government owned drones pose to all Americans. This report focuses in primarily on the flip-side of this emerging technology. Tonight, Rex Jones, making his Infowars Nightly News debut, talks with drone expert Gerard Juarez about civilian drones and the new economy that they have already begun. Related: HARVARD PROF: GOVERNMENT MOSQUITO DRONES WILL EXTRACT YOUR DNA - “RIOT CONTROL” DRONE TO SHOOT PEPPER SPRAY BULLETS AT PROTESTERS - SPY DRONE HACKS WIFI NETWORKS, LISTENS TO CALLS - POCKET-SIZED SURVEILLANCE DRONE CAN FLY THROUGH WINDOWS - AMERICAN DRONE OPERATORS ARE QUITTING IN RECORD NUMBERS - FAA UNVEILS DRONE RULES; OBAMA ORDERS POLICY FOR AGENCIES - THE AIR FORCE NEEDS A LOT MORE DRONE PILOTS - - Watch now

  • Special Reports

    Date: 02/16/2015

    An InfoWars exclusive look at a FOIA document that shows who was using predator drones and reapers domestically in 2014 while the FAA was cracking done on model planes with a legal prevarication that usurped authority over even Frisbees. - Watch now