February 26, 2013

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Alex Jones & Michael Savage Unleashed! 2/26/13

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Alex Jones & Michael Savage Unleashed!

Tags: Rant.


This is Alex Jones' Infowars Unleashed. Behind the scenes rants and commentary. Go on a journey inside the Infowar

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    On the Friday, March 1 edition of the Alex Jones Show, veteran guest host Mike Adams “The Health Ranger” fills in for Alex, breaking down Iowa's on-the-verge legalization of raw milk sales from dairy farms and the raid on Missouri's Morningland Dairy raw cheese farm. He'll also analyze how a DARPA-funded study successfully “mind melded” two rats what can be seen as a precursor to the creation of DARPA’s ultimate goal. On today's show, Mike welcomes rapper Ashel "Seasunz" Eldridge to talk about the message behind the music video “Food Fight,” a song calling out the processed food plague.We'll also air Alex's interview with hip hop artist Immortal Technique, which has since gone viral. - Watch now

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