January 13, 2014

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Monday: The Alex Jones Show. Dr. Richard Davis On The Radiation Plume In The Pacific. Plus, China Prepares To Create Regional Tensions With Global Implications.

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On this Monday, January 13 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex breaks down the latest on the West Coast radiation and the tensions flaring in the South China Sea. China is preparing to take Philippine-occupied Thitu Island by force with an invasion which will likely start a regional war at the very least. From the other side of the Pacific, physician and chemical expert Dr. Richard Davis, M.D. joins the show to discuss the dangers of Fukushima's high-level radiation which is now on the West Coast. On the scene at the Golden Gate bridge, Jakari Jackson and the Infowars crew report on the public's reaction to how the local media is downplaying this radiation.

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