September 17, 2014

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Tuesday:Infowars Nightly News. Obama Puts Boots On The Ground In Ebola Stricken Africa, But No Clear Strategy For Government Asset ISIS.

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Just Kidding: Obama Puts Boots on The Ground

Obama's announcement marks his second within a week of a new mission for the U.S. military, following last week's speech outlining a broad escalation of the campaign against the Islamic State militant group in Iraq and Syria.
No threat at border
Top Lib: “I’d Lay Money on Rand Paul Being the Next President”

how will US decide which syrian rebels to arm.

Qaeda branches urge unity against US-led 'war on Islam'
This U.S. Ally Has Beheaded More People than ISIS

In the past month, a group of radical Islamic extremists based in the Middle East beheaded at least 23 people and enforced a ban on Christianity by arresting a group of people for practicing the faith in a private home.
Saudis beheaded at least 8 people last month
Angry McCain Admits Meeting With ISIS, Scolds Rand Paul For Not Knowing Terrorists

China Warns of Third World War

Paul Joseph Watson breaks down the latest warning by a global superpower, hinting that it's not just an airborne Ebola virus we should be worried about

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