March 05, 2015

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Netanyahu Addresses Congress' Culture Of Fear

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More globalist theatre in the nation's capitol. As Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu tears into a worldwide call to arms opposing President Obama’s ill fated deal with Iran that it freeze nuclear activities for at least 10 years. Now Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has responded by calling Obama’s deal “Unacceptable” and is refusing to accept Obama’s excessive and illogical demands. The United States has taken the initiative in the talks with Iran, representing five globalist powers: Britain, China, France, Germany and Russia. As we near the next presidential election in 2016 expect the Iranian Nuclear Issue to be laterally pitched up the political football field. While the American people are once again being fed globalist scare tactics that always lead down a dead end street of failed policy,lies and elitist leaders bowing to their corporacractic masters. A recent poll conducted by Al Jazeera America and Monmouth University reveals the demographics in our living and breathing culture of fear. 48 % disapprove of Barack Obama’s job as president, 70% disapprove of the job the US Congress is doing, 59% believe Iran will not abide by any nuclear agreement, 75% think ISIS is a major threat to US National Security,45% expect a somewhat likely terroristic threat in the next few months similar to the one that occurred in Paris recently, and 49% don’t believe the US is doing enough to curb these attacks. The minions of globalism always call for vigilance in the face of terror. As if it doesn’t already exist in the United States. Our vigilance and unrelenting watch should be to avoid their globalist parlor tricks and focus on the few politicians that refuse to relinquish our Republic’s founding principles.

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