July 13, 2015

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Monday: The Alex Jones Show. Big Banks Set Sovereign Nations Up Just To Watch Them Fall…Into Their Pockets

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On the Monday, July 13 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Greece accepts Eurozone bailout terms, surrendering much of its sovereignty and signing onto a massive debt deal. Russian hackers also claim to have uncovered footage that exposes the ISIS Jihadi John beheading videos as fake. Also, a Russian parliament member claims the country's oligarchs are working with American corporations and the White House to oust President Vladimir Putin and collapse the Russian Federation. On today's show, we'll continue looking at the cultural marxism inherent in MTV's new White People documentary, the media's obsession with Donald Trump and the upcoming Jade Helm military exercises, in which southwestern states have been labeled "hostile." We'll also take your calls on today's show.

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