August 12, 2015

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McCain's ISIS Ties Are Too Numerous For America

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John McCain, a one man Hegelian Dialectic in motion. Playing both sides to successfully roll out 53 annual defense bills and blaze a trail of unchecked ties to ISIS leaders.

Now McCain has been roped in, once again to ISIS.

McCain responded on his official Twitter account, remarking, “Another nutty conspiracy theory from the #Russian Internet trolls – I’m very proud to be target of America’s enemies.” in a response to a staged ISIS beheading video which pro-Russian hackers claim was found on one of his staffer’s electronic devices.

The video replete with desert scenery, professional lighting, and a director. Appears to be the same video doled out to the masses through the propaganda arm of the Pentagon.

He followed up with a subsequent tweet in which he stated, “1st they doctored pics to say I met w/ #ISIS.
Now #Russian Internet trolls say I staged ISIS executions. Proud to be their #1 adversary!”

Are we supposed to just look the other way Mr. McCain, when you are pictured meeting with the likes of Abdel Hakim Belhadj? Who is now the leader of ISIS forces in Libya – Abdel hakim Belhadj – who implemented the brutality of Sharia law and worked directly with U.S. and NATO forces during the overthrow of Gaddafi.

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