August 13, 2015

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Thursday: The Alex Jones Show. Signs of the Economic Apocalypse Revealed

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On this Thursday, August 13 edition of the Alex Jones Show, we cover the spy satellite images and other top secret materials stored on Hillary's private e-mail server. Investigative journalist and Infowars contributor Wayne Madsen comments on Hillary's disregard for law as well as Jeb Bush's forgotten years in the CIA. Also, financial analyst Harry Dent talks about the inevitable financial crisis here in America as multiple asset bubbles are fixing to pop. Other news includes a university's decision to roll out iris scanners for their cafeteria lunch line and the massive explosion in China that killed at least 42 and injured 400.

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    Tonight on the Infowars Nightly News, the FBI arrests a pair of ISIS wannabes in Mississippi as the new couple allegedly declared their support for the islamic state on social media. Then, it's Joe Biggs vs the mainstream media as news repeaters in Ferguson confront Infowars. And presidential candidate Ben Carson wants you to know about the true history about planned parenthood. - Watch now

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