August 15, 2015

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Friday: The Infowars Nightly News. Technologists Have Called For Microchip Implants

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Tonight on the Infowars nightly news, Hillary finally hands over her professionally wiped server as believing she had nothing to hide has become even more difficult to swallow. Then, the role our technology will play in our very near future. And the surveillance state kicks into high gear.

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    On the Friday, August 14 edition of the Alex Jones Show, we continue looking into Hillary Clinton's email debacle, as the FBI widens a criminal probe into whether her private server, which was used to handle classified information, was backed up. Also, a classified simulation exercise run by the Pentagon shows the US would struggle to defeat Russia in a hypothetical ground war, and is there really a threat on Queen Elizabeth's life, or is it another excuse for police state theater? Financial analyst Peter Schiff joins the show today to discuss China's devaluation of the Yuan currency, and explains how it may help the US dollar remain the world's reserve currency at least in the short term. We'll also take your calls on today's worldwide broadcast. - Watch now

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