October 23, 2015

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Friday: The Alex Jones Show. Infowars Infiltrates Google Headquarters

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On this Friday, October 23 edition of the Alex Jones Show we feature a video of Alex’s visit to the Austin office of the surveillance technology company Google and the unwelcome reception Jones and the Infowars crew received there. We also look at a proposal to use pop-up windows on websites to shame people who make comments considered offensive or racist. Other news covered includes Iceland imprisoning criminal bankers, an Arizona school banning patriotic football gear, the Obama administration encouraging schools to publicly demonstrate support for an influx of illegal immigrants, and the latest on Syria where Russia is helping rollback and eradicate jihadi terrorists created by the Gulf Emirates and the United States. On today’s broadcast we talk with pro-life activist Abby Johnson, a former Planned Parenthood clinic director who resigned after watching an abortion on ultrasound.

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