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  • Special Reports

    Date: 04/20/2015

    For over two decades, the DEA and the Justice Department collected logs on every phone call from the United States to over a hundred foreign countries. Officials said the operation was related to drug trafficking. The program, said to have been discontinued by the Justice Department, is described as the first known effort to collect data on the phone calls of Americans in bulk without regard to the Fourth Amendment. The revelation provides additional evidence that the government is wantonly violating the constitutional rights of American citizens. Massive intelligence gathering aimed at the American people began at the end of the Second World War with the establishment of the national security state. The National Security Act of 1947 established the Department of Defense, the National Security Council and the Central Intelligence Agency. - Watch now

  • Nightly News

    Date: 01/17/2014

    On The January 16, 2014 Broadcast Of The Infowars Nightly News. Jakari Jackson Hosts & We Interview State Rep. Matt Shea On Curbing The NSA's Overreach. News Covered: China Mobilizes 100,000 Troops In Preparation For Korean Peninsula Crisis. Obama-backed Mexican Troops Disarm and Massacre More Civilians. Video: Obama’s FCC Head Confronted Over Cell Phone Radiation. Rand Paul: Obama Is A “Fox Guarding The Henhouse” In Overseeing NSA. Washington State Moves To Block NSA Surveillance. Nuke Commander Purge: Another 34 Missile Launch Officers Terminated By Air Force. Nigel Farage Booms “Europe Is Now Run By Big Banks, Big Business, And Big Bureaucrats.” Drug Smuggling DEA calls Marijuana Legalization ‘Reckless and Irresponsible’ Hollywood Movie Mogul Weinstein to Make Anti-Second Amendment Movie - Watch now

  • Alex Jones Show

    Date: 01/14/2014

    On this Tuesday, January 14 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex looks at the slow and steady dissolution of our individual liberty as the Bill of Rights comes under assault by government, the courts and a predatory national security state. Alex covers the Kelly Thomas verdict and the state's message that cops are immune from prosecution and are free to beat, torture and murder citizens. On today's broadcast, Alex talks with Josie Outlaw, a passionate advocate for the rights of the individual in a time when the state increasingly tromps on natural rights and demands unquestioning fealty from its subjects. Josie produced a viral Youtube video in December explaining why citizens need to be armed in these perilous times. The Infowars team files a report from Los Angeles on the continuing story of increased radiation on the West coast in the wake of the Fukushima nuclear disaster and the corporate media's refusal to report on this increasingly serious health risk. - Watch now

  • Special Reports

    Date: 08/10/2013

    News of a New Crime Wave broke this week. A criminal organization admitted it committed over 5,600 crimes in one year — violent crimes, drug manufacturing and trafficking, and political corruption. That organization is known as the FBI. - Watch now