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  • Special Reports

    Date: 09/25/2014

    The ISIS beheading videos have led us into an unending unconstitutional war. A recent Turkish television trailer reveals evidence that they may have been staged by Turkish Television Elites. - Watch now

  • Alex Jones Show

    Date: 09/22/2014

    On the Monday, September 22 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Jones breaks down the latest on ISIS, including how the US is responding to the terror threat by interrogating airline passengers over abstract travel logos, instead of by securing its porous borders. Alex also analyzes UN Ambassador Samantha Power's comments admitting that the real purpose of the fight against ISIS is to overthrow the al-Assad regime and the Syrian government. On today's show, Alex invites award-winning scientist and writer Dr. Devra Davis to explore the correlations between cell phone radiation and cancer, and ways to disconnect from radiation-emitting devices. We'll also look at the hypocrisy of global warming advocates, the reasons behind the mass exodus ofHomeland Security employees and other hot news on this worldwide broadcast. - Watch now

  • Nightly News

    Date: 09/20/2014

    On this September 19, 2014 Broadcast of The Infowars Nightly News, Lee Ann Mcadoo Uncovers Proof Scottish Independence Vote Rigged? The head of Russia's election observation body has sensationally accused the British government in Westminster of rigging the Scottish Independence vote, while video surfaces that appears to confirm this assertion.Are 40 American ISIL Fighters Already in the U.S. 'being tracked' by FBI? While we're repeatedly being told by DHS that ISIS is not a threat here in America, Democratic Rep Tim Bishop gave a different warning. ISIS is here. Congress Votes to Arm Syrian Rebels The president thanked Congress "for the speed and seriousness with which they approached this issue". CPS Visits Mom Who DARES let Child Play Outside. One mom has been visited by police and CPS on multiple occasion after her neighbor brought her son "safely home" after he had been playing outside alone for 10 minutes. A new military-sponsored program aims to develop a tiny device that can be implanted in the body, where it will use electrical impulses to monitor the body's organs, healing these crucial parts when they become infected or injured. - Watch now