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  • Alex Jones Show

    Date: 09/17/2014

    On this Must See Wednesday, September 17 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex covers the latest on the Ebola virus now spreading across western Africa and Obama's military response to the growing epidemic while the border in the United States remains open to everything from drug dealers and foreign terrorists. Alex also covers a United Nations vaccination program overseen by al-Qaeda “rebels” in Syria that has killed dozens of children and he also covers the admission by a U.S. military official that Arab allies of the U.S. fund ISIS. On today's show Alex talks with Scottish-American computer programmer and founder of McAfee, Inc., John McAfee about new Apple product releases, biometrics, and cyber security. If you have any skeptics in your midst, please share this show with them. If this doesn't wake them up... nothing will. - Watch now

  • Alex Jones Show

    Date: 04/11/2014

    On this unprecedented Friday, April 11 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex covers the latest on the BLM's tyranny in Nevada as well as new developments in technology which can empower rather than enslave humanity. On location at the Bundy ranch in Nevada, Infowars reporter David Knight gives the latest update on the criminal government agents who are not only illegally destroying water infrastructure but are also assaulting supporters of rancher Cliven Bundy as well. Internet security pioneer John McAfee joins the show to break down the real details surrounding the Heartbleed bug and his latest anti-snooping software DCentral1. Stan Deyo, a globetrotting researcher and an advanced propulsion engineer who has held "Above Top Secret" security clearance on government projects, also joins the broadcast to discuss the coming global economic collapse, the suppression of advanced technology by the elite and many other topics. You do not want to miss this explosive broadcast! - Watch now

  • Alex Jones Show

    Date: 03/13/2014

    On this Thursday, March 13 edition of the Alex Jones Show, Alex looks at the startling number of deaths and suicides wracking the ranks of the financial elite's Wall Street minions as the economy bobs and weaves toward its cataclysmic date with an inevitable crash. Alex also takes a look at the latest on the mysterious disappearance of Malaysian Airlines flight 370. New evidence reveals the disappearance may have been part of a possible hijacking. Alex's in-studio guest today is John McAfee, the founder of the computer anti-virus company McAfee and Associates. His latest venture in the field of bacterial quorum sensing is QuorumEx based in Belize. Mr. McAfee has important breaking news to relate to Alex and his audience on today's worldwide broadcast. - Watch now

  • Nightly News

    Date: 04/18/2013

    On the April 17,2013 broadcast of The Infowars Nightly News, Rob Dew speaks with Anthony Gucciardi of News Covered: "Pieczenik: Reason For Boston False Flag" Navy SEALs Spotted at Boston Marathon Wearing Suspicious Backpacks? Salon Hopes Boston Bomber Turns Out to be a White American Boston Marathon Conspiracy Theory Website Is Not What You Think; It's Actually Pretty Awesome "Navy Seals With Detonators Spotted At Boston Marathon?" "John McAfee Predicts Ricin Attacks" "Gun Rally Cancelled and "Rude" Rifles" Town of Lexington Pulls Permit for Pro-second Amendment Rally Using Boston Bombing as Pretext War Veteran Arrested for “Rudely Displaying” Rifle Peace Gardens "Proof of Drills At Marathon: Eyewitness Speaks Out" - Watch now