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    Date: 10/21/2014

    Recently Toys-R-Us was exposed for selling a meth dealing action figure from the Breaking Bad TV series complete with "a bag of blue crystals". Anyone who has seen the series knows that the crystals are the meth that the hero of the show makes and sells to finance his costly cancer treatment. Infowars went to a local Toys-R-Us and while they did have any of the Heisenburg action figures, they did have others from the series and the dolls were located at an end cap next to Star Wars, Transformers, WWE Wrestlers and Pokemon figures. The penalties for dealing meth are high and a federal crime, and this type of toy should not be marketed and sold where young children are looking to buy toys. Thankfully parental pressure has come to bare against the Toy Store and it appears the Heisenburg figure has been discontinued. - Watch now